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Everything you need to know about FIFA 19 Android

Mobile release of the most popular series of football games created by EA Mobile team. In comparison to the original version, the game has been adjusted to the mobile devices specifics, which resulted in some simplifications. FIFA 19 Mobile is a football skill game released on AND, iOS and WP platforms. It is free with micropayments model and was created by EA Mobile, being the part of Electronic Arts.


FIFA 19 Mobile game is a side brand release, simplified in a number of aspects in comparison to the popular series available on PCs and consoles. It is a game of skill and enables the players to control single football players during the matches. But, the game wouldn't be complete without light managerial options, enabling to manage a team and set tactics. The production ensures a well-adjusted match speed so the games are realistic and dynamic, both for a single player and multiplayer game. The additional advantage is the use of official license thanks to which there are 30 leagues, 650 teams and more than 17000 football players in the game to choose from.

In comparison to the past releases, FIFA Mobile, launched for AND, iOS and WP, offers a lot of changes. One of them is adding the Attack Mode, enabling to play short, lasting less than two minutes games. The players set up the tactics for the teams, and then take over the control during the attacks only. Everything else is cut off and happening in the background, which allows to concentrate on scoring goals only. Moreover, there are regular events, which are linked to actual news in the football world. Mostly, they are in a form of mini-games, and they are rewarded with various gifts.
Social elements has been stressed as well. Players can set up their own leagues, parallel to ‘gildis’ in MMO games. Within them, the player groups add to their success and compete with other teams in online rank lists. Also, the Ultimate Team mode known from previous series returns, within which we'll create a dream team. The authors have created a new system for team building and simplified the team management.

Why should you use the app provided via our website?

A few things can be listed in this instance; the most important are the following:

  • Optimization and compatibility
  • First thing that makes us stand out is the access to FIFA 19 Android and ios. You can play the game on any device with an updated operating system and if its specifics are sufficient to not cause system freeze. Obviously, the conversion from PC platform was quite difficult, but didn't impact the minimal game requirements in the end.

  • A very small game size
  • Thanks to a number of programming and coding hours, it was possible to compress the game, so it takes small space. It's also worth mentioning that FIFA 19 Mobile is a game of decent size. It is limited, which makes it easy to localize the game on a mobile phone.

  • Simplicity and effectiveness
  • One of the most important things is that, after clicking on download, you can access FIFA19 in several minutes, if not faster. This is because we made sure that the whole download process, and then the game installation was transparent, non-problematic and didn't require any broad knowledge from you. You are only one click ‘on mirror’ away from enjoying the title.

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Step-by-step instruction how to download and install the game

To enjoy FIFA 19, you should:

  • Click on of the FIFA 19 download links for a smartphone - click and download the app on your mobile.
  • Remember to turn on the option to download files from sources other than Google Play Store or iTunes - so the FIFA19 download will not be disrupted.
  • Install the game and launch it
  • Full the procedure of verification by just complying with the steps that will certainly take place on your screen.
  • Open FIFA 19 Mobile again and enjoy the game!
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FIFA 19 Mobile is not the first and last mobile version of a well-known football series. In recent years Electronic Arts has been concentrating mostly on a popular Ultimate Team mode, on which a mobile release was based. In the end, it's been obvious that players want something more, and this is what we've got.

In general, the game is not much different to the last-year release, and it's still about building a dream football team. Our football players can be bought in card packs for the money earned during a game, which is a good and bad thing at the same time. On the one hand this makes us a collector, which has drawn attention of a number of players to the game. On the other hand, you can't create a team normally, which leaves us with too many unneeded team players etc. All in all, the system works quite fine, and the game is attractive. The problems arise when we want to play against another live player. Someone came up with the idea that instead of typical multiplayer mode, in which we play regular games, we only control the team players while they're on the opponent pitch. This solution seems odd and doesn't fit the football game. The similar mechanism is used in Madden NFL Mobile, but the game relates to a different sport and works fine, while in FIFA Mobile not. Besides, we also play in other modes - Live Events, i.e. special challenges and the Season Mode, in which we play against the real clubs. In both cases all seems fine. .
FIFA 19 Mobile is generally the game similar to the last series, and even the changed title will not cover this. Introduced improvements are minor, and on the example of the multiplayer do not always work well . Anyway, the title is worth a note because you'll probably not find a better licensed football game for mobile devices. Next year, however, we expect better news and more promising releases.

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